Apprenticeships in the Fire Service

Apprenticeships present an opportunity to improve the diversity and inclusivity within workforces. They provide an entry route for people from all backgrounds irrespective of educational attainment. They also provide retraining opportunities for existing staff who may wish to follow a career path within the fire and rescue service which differs from when they were initially employed. This approach removes some of the barriers that may be currently dissuading new starters from applying and may be hindering members of the existing workforce from developing their careers.

Apprenticeships are part of a blended approach to career progression which is being addressed through the NFCC People Programme.  Providing clear career pathways for employees allows them to understand what is required to progress from one role to another.

This consistent approach to career progression and training also enables easier movement of staff between services because their skills, knowledge, competence and behaviours will be more readily recognised nationally, reducing the need for individual services to re-train individuals transferring from other services.

Within the fire and rescue service there are six fire specific apprenticeships available or in development, and you can follow the links below for an overview of each of these:

 In addition to the fire specific apprenticeship the fire and rescue services offer a number of more generic apprenticeships these include: Business Administration, Leadership and Management, Project Management.

The information is the details of each of the fire specific apprenticeships taken from the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education website