Be Water Aware

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 Be Water Aware  - 20th -26th April 2020

The NFCC's Drowning prevention and water safety campaign is called Be Water Aware and aims to raise awareness of the risk of accidental drowning.   The NFCC is a member of the National Water Safety Forum and is committed to the National Drowning Prevention Strategy which aims to cut water-related deaths by 50 per cent by 2026. 

Drowning is amongst the leading causes of accidental death in the UK. We want to make people safer by making them aware of the risks and dangers when around water, what to do if they fall into water and how to help someone who is in trouble in water. 

• 263 people accidentally drowned in the UK
• Around 50% of these people just happened to be near water and had no intention of entering the water
• 87% of these fatalities were male
• 77 UK nationals, mainly tourists, drowned whilst abroad in 2018

The campaign targets the following:

People undertaking everyday activities near water - specifically people who are undertaking activities near water but have no intention of entering the water.
People on a night out - generally males and younger age groups who may have alcohol and/or drugs in their system. Routes away from water and with friends would be safer.
Away from home - We see a number of deaths not included in the WAID figures as UK nationals lose their lives abroad. Additionally we are aware that lack of knowledge combined with a relaxed holiday outlook can increase the risk of a drowning incident.

NFCC's Drowning Prevention and Water Safety Lead, Chief Fire Officer Dawn Whittaker, said:

"We want people to enjoy spending time in and around water safely. Most people would be shocked to hear 263 people lost their lives last year while spending time near water because they were unaware of the risks and unprepared for the scenario of ending up in the water.

By highlighting this issue and making sure simple safety messages reach them, we hope to reduce the number of these needless and preventable deaths."

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