You will be aware of the extensive work being done by the NFCC to increase the supply of assessors who can carry out end-point assessments for fire specific apprenticeships.  

NFCC is now partnering with Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service to deliver a newly enhanced end-point assessment service for fire and rescue services.  

At the moment, Cornwall FRS offer end-point assessment for the operational firefighter apprenticeship. They are listed on the register of end-point assessment organisations managed by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Under the new partnership arrangement, Cornwall FRS will remain the lead organisation listed on the register.  

Our partnership allows NFCC to assist Cornwall FRS in identifying assessors from your organisations which will expand the capacity to provide end-point assessment to meet sector needs.  FRS are encouraged to consider who may be suitable for these assessor roles and to get in touch.  

There are considerable benefits to your organisation and beyond when your staff become end-point assessors. With wider exposure to assessment of apprentices in other organisations, staff gain in terms of their own professional development. Their knowledge and experience can be brought back into their  own organisations.  

The strength of building this pan-service network of assessors is that their collective experiences and feedback can help us ensure our fire specific national apprenticeships stay relevant and fit for use in the longer term.  

Organisations will be reimbursed for releasing assessors to deliver the end-point assessments; therefore it is cost neutral. 

If you would like to find out more about putting staff forward to become end-point assessors, please complete the following registration link.   

As part of our partnership arrangements, NFCC will be working with Cornwall FRS to develop end-point assessments for other fire-specific apprenticeships including: Business fire safety advisors; community safety advisors; fire safety inspectors and emergency service contact handling.  We do not have a timescale for this at the moment but will issues updates in due course. 

This is a major step forward for the NFCC. Our collaborative approach represents yet another benefit of NFCC membership, allowing us to achieve more together as our new strategy sets out.  

By developing fire and rescue staff as assessors and enhancing fire and rescue services’ capacity to provide end-point assessments, we can ensure that we maximise the financial investment already made in the fire specific apprenticeships. This in turn will help us achieve consistency in career pathways for our staff across the country.  

To register your interest in finding out more about the end-point assessor recruitment process and to access end-point assessment services for your organisation from our new partnership, please email: