Fire Safety Inspector Apprenticeship

Fire safety Inspector – Standard reference number ST0746

Occupation Profile

The occupation of Fire Safety Inspector can be found in the fire and rescue sector. The fire and rescue sector is formed of three elements - prevention, protection and response. The occupation of Fire Safety Inspector is a specialist role within the protection element, linking closely with the other two elements of protection and response.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to assess the level of fire safety in the built environment in their area and instigate improvements, where necessary, to preserve life, to reduce damage to property and the environment and to support economic growth.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts effectively with partner agencies, particularly local regulatory services teams to join up enforcement work:

  • They work with external stakeholders within the community
  • They attend internal and external meetings with stakeholders, such as Safety Advisory Groups, and investigate complaints regarding fire safety in commercial premises.
  • The also exchange information effectively with operational crews, prevention teams and partner agencies to ensure an integrated approach to the management of fire risk.

They will also provide support and technical expertise to colleagues and other departments, including mentoring and training, to ensure effective sharing of knowledge.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for providing advice, participating in consultations, the enforcement of legislation relating to fire safety, and supporting investigations and prosecutions. Fire Safety Inspectors inspect complex premises and support businesses by giving advice on how to comply with regulations. Fire Safety Inspectors work at supervisory/managerial level within the fire sector, but they may not necessarily supervise or manage others.

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Typical job titles

A fire safety inspector may also be called a fire safety auditor in some organisations.

Level - This apprenticeship standard is at level 4