Whirlpool identifies more fire risk Hotpoint machines

In January 2020 Whirlpool began a recall campaign to identify more than 500,000 Hotpoint and Indesit branded washing machines in homes which may pose a potential fire risk.

Whirlpool have identified a further 21 Hotpoint branded washing machines which may also pose a risk. This equates to approximately 55,000 additional machines and takes the total number of affected models to 45.

The National Fire Chiefs Council is urging people to recheck their Hotpoint branded machines. People may have checked in the past and been told their machine is not affected but this may not now be the case.

You do not need to contact the retailer you bought the machine from you can deal directly with Whirlpool.

How to check your machine

  • Find the model number and serial number of the machines. These can be found in the door recess as indicated below. If you can access the back of the machine you will find the information there too.

Whirlpool how to check


  • Once you have this information please contact Whirlpool, either online or by calling their free helpline which is open everyday on 0800 316 1442.
  • If you are having trouble finding the model and/or serial number please phone Whirlpool on 0800 316 1442 and they will assist.
  • Your machine will then be registered with Whirlpool and you will have confirmation if your machine is affected.

A repair or replacement will be arranged if your machine is affected.

The advice from the National Fire Chiefs Council is to unplug and stop using your machines if it is affected by the recall.

The recall and COVID-19

Whirlpool have confirmed the recall can fully continue and the company have taken measures to ensure the safety of customers in their homes, during the lockdown.

If you have an affected appliance contact Whirlpool so they can remove the safety risk from your home, you do not need to contact the retailer.

The company are following government guidelines and have strict health and safety processes across their supply chain.

Whirlpool engineers and delivery teams were equipped with protective equipment including face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser, and were practising social distancing at all times during their work, to allow them to continue during the coronavirus lockdown.

Customers do not need to physically sign any paperwork, and will be called in advance of their scheduled delivery or repair appointment to make specific arrangements.

If requested, appliances could be delivered to a secure location outside a customer's home, such as a garage or garden, so that staff do not have to enter their home, although this would mean they would have to fit the appliance on their own. Instructions on how to do this can be provided by the company.

Full List of Recalled Models 

Whirlpool’s recall campaign has so far successfully located 40% (210,000) of the affected machines. NFCC are committed to supporting the campaign to ensure as many machine are identified and removed from homes or repaired.

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