NFCC Chair and Fire Minister share pride in UKFRSs’ response to pandemic

Chair of National Fire Chiefs Council Roy Wilsher and Minister for Fire Lord Stephen Greenhalgh have spoken about their pride in the UK Fire and Rescue Service’s (FRS) response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a video, Mr Wilsher and Lord Greenhalgh talk about the 350,000 activities carried out following the national tri-partite agreements between NFCC, the Fire Brigades Union and the National Employers.

Alongside images from Fire and Rescue Services across the UK, Lord Greenhalgh shares his appreciation for the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services and Mr Wilsher communicates his thoughts on the difference the additional activities have made to communities up and down the country.

Speaking about the video partnership, NFCC Chair Roy Wilsher, said: “I was delighted to be joined by Lord Greenhalgh to voice our gratitude in the unfaltering dedication of Fire and Rescue Services, during these unprecedented times. Over the last few months staff volunteers from the entire Fire and Rescue Service have shown how they want to support and help people during the pandemic.

“It just goes to show these extraordinary people are ready, willing and able to support communities, especially during times of crisis. These are people who are taking on additional work, while maintaining emergency response, statutory duties and other vital work that the public have come to expect from their local fire service.”

To date, FRSs have delivered more than 111,000 essential items; assembled 68,135 single use facemasks; transported almost 25,000 items of PPE; fitted 4,135 face masks for frontline NHS and clinical care staff; trained staff to drive ambulances; packed 22,500 food parcels; taken more than 1,000 antigen samples; transported 1,446 COVID patients and 3,337 non-COVID patients to hospital and assisted with the movement of more than 2,000 bodies.

Minister for Fire Lord Steven Greenhalgh added: “I was delighted to be part of this video, to share my absolute pride in how the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have heard many incredible stories over the last few months of staff volunteers going the extra mile to help the most vulnerable in their local communities, which goes to show just how Fire and Rescue Services are Ready, Willing and Able to put the needs of local people front and centre to everything they do.”

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