NFCC welcomes publication of Prevention Fire Standard

The National Fire Chiefs Council is delighted to welcome the publication of the Prevention Fire Standard by the Fire Standards Board.

The Prevention Fire Standard aims to bring a consistent national approach to the work carried out by fire and rescue services in reducing risk and educating local communities to keep them safe.

Neil Odin, NFCC Prevention Committee Chair and NFCC Prevention Programme Executive, said the publication of the Prevention Fire Standard is a major step forward in NFCC’s prevention journey and one that will benefit and support fire and rescue services immensely at the local level.

The Prevention Fire Standard has been developed through work carried out by the NFCC Prevention Committee and Prevention Programme, before being approved and published by the independent Fire Standards Board.

Its desired outcome is that fire and rescue services work to educate communities to adopt safer behaviours, reduce community related risks identified through robust community risk management planning, and reduce incidents by carrying out effective, efficient and targeted prevention activities.

Additionally, the Fire Standard encourages fire and rescue services to work collaboratively with others, where appropriate, seeking to improve and innovate prevention activities.

Neil Odin said: “A great deal of work and progress has already been made in the prevention agenda nationally; this includes a number of well-established national safety campaigns, hosted nationally and delivered by fire and rescue services across the country.

“This complements the vast amount of prevention work that is developed on an individual basis and delivered locally by each fire and rescue service.

“I’m delighted to welcome this latest development in ensuring that the prevention activities carried out by services across the country not only remain fit for purpose, but continue to evolve and improve in order to meet the challenges presented in a rapidly-changing landscape.”

NFCC Chair, Mark Hardingham said: “The Prevention Fire Standard will contribute to a more consistent national approach to reducing risk and keeping communities safe, supporting fire and rescue services to work effectively, collaboratively and innovatively, which will ultimately contribute to a reduction in incidents, injuries, serious injuries and fatalities across the UK.

“My thanks and gratitude go to all those individuals and services who have contributed to the continued development of our prevention work at a national level, and I look forward to seeing this continue for many years to come.”

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