People Programme

People Programme

The work of the Workforce Committee is managed as a programme with the People Programme. The significant pieces of work now form projects within the programme and are reported through the programme board. A number of forums allow the programme to engage with all relevant stakeholders. The structure is shown below.

NFCC People strategy

“Over the next five years we will need to continue to develop flexible duty systems, contract types, and how we work together on the day to day activity. The Fire and Rescue Service’s evolving role in working in partnerships has implications for professional development, well-being and organisational culture. If we are to build on our success we need to develop new leadership skills and attract a diversity of thought and knowledge. To help us define and plan improvements we have agreed six key areas":

  • Strengthen Leadership and Line Management to support organisational change and improved community outcomes
  • Developing cultural values and behaviours which make the Fire & Rescue Service a great place to work for all our people
  • Ways of working that are able to respond to service needs
  • Provide excellent training and education to ensure continuous improvement of services to the Public
  • Continue to support the Health and Well-being of all our people
  • Strengthen our ability to provide good service by diversifying our staff and creating a fair & equal place to work”

National People Strategy (2017-2022)


The following projects are part of Phase 1 of the programme from 2018-2020. Phase 2 is being scoped and will commence in April 2020.

Leadership Apprenticeships On-call
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Blended learning  

People Programme Governance and Engagement Structure