Wildfire Prevention



Once again in 2020 we are seeing a period of dry weather in the spring. This has led to conditions which allow small outdoor fires to take hold and spread. 

Earlier in 2020 and mindful of the challenges with COVID-19, NFCC urged that all land owners and land managers only undertake prescribed fires if absolutely essential to do so and if the burns were essential, to ensure sufficient personnel and resources to control and extinguish the burn safely. 

NFCC are also now asking the public to ensure they are doing their upmost to prevent outdoor fires from occurring. Many outdoor fires start from portable BBQs, litter and campfires. At this time where fire and rescue services are also working to assist in the Covid-19 response, we ask people to exercise caution and please avoid lighting fires in the countryside. 

These incidents often escalate quickly and can require a regional and national response over a number of days and using a large amounts of resources. In response to recent firein the UK NFCC’s National Resilience function, has coordinated and deployed assets to where they are needed, from across the country with Fire and Rescue Services responding jointly with partners including United Utilities, local Police forces and Mountain Rescue. 

 Additionally some fire services have reported a spike in deliberate fires and this has slammed this as irresponsible, especially at a time when all FRSs are under additional pressures.

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