Business Safety Week 2021


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Business safety week is an opportunity for NFCC, supported by Fire and Rescue Services to make small and medium sized businesses aware of their fire safety responsibilities in the workplace, and is a chance to let these businesses know that there is help and advice available for them all year round.

The aim is to help small to medium sized businesses to work with fire and rescue services to make sure they are complying with fire safety law and reduce their risk of fire especially after the recent challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdown measures have lifted and businesses reopen there is a corresponding increase in the Protection risk. There is the potential risk that the COVID secure measures which are required to open some premises, may in some cases, compromise fire safety measures.

  • New screens must not obstruct smoke detection
  • Business must have enough trained staff to support evacuation procedures
  • Businesses returning to work must ensure fire safety systems are working and sufficient for their needs and maintanance, which may have been reduced or ceased is now contiued.

It is vital that fire and rescue services work with Responsible Persons (RPs) to remind them that in managing their full suite of risks, the need to maintain and inform a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is priority. NFCC will also highlight how Primary Authority advice can continue to support some businesses via co-odinated or direct partnerships to help them comply with necessary fire safety regulation in additional to guidelines and other regulation.

It is also imprtant that we contiue the work to prevent incidents which impact both on business and fire and rescue services. The week is chance for fire and rescue services to highlight and promote their work around arson and preventing false alarms. 

The campaign week runs from 6th - 12th September 2021 and will use #BusinessSafety21
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