Professional Partnership

Being a Professional Partner connects you and your service with the right people to provide practical solutions to collective problems. All public UK Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) are CFOA Professional Partners and this means that anyone from an FRS can access networks, information and support as well as being able to engage with opportunities for personal and professional development through our working groups, committees and events.

What’s included in the Professional Partnership package:
  • Access to intelligence, guidance and publications produced by NFCC under the supervision of the best subject matter experts in the country
  • A seat for the Chief Fire Officer at NFCC Council
  • All FRS senior officers from Area Manager and their equivalent can be Individual Members as part of the Professional Partnership Package
  • Voting rights at the AGM for Individual Members
  • Support for responding to incidents, events and issues 
  • Centrally coordinated work and operational guidance
  • Constant access to a network of professionals and peer support via the online communications system staff
  • Regular briefings from each committee providing updates on the progress of work and key information points to assist staff in work providing a national view
  • Access to a suite of safety campaign week toolkits to assist in the local delivery of national campaigns
  • Free advertising of fire service opportunities on the NFCC website
  • A range of resources that can be adapted to suit your service needs, reducing the need for duplication amongst services
  • Opportunities for collective and personal development through participation in working groups and attendance at NFCC Events
  • Safety critical information through the Ops Bulletin system
Individual Membership

CFOA members provide the professional expertise and leadership which collectively influences the national agenda. By its very nature, CFOA's work involves exposure to political influences which provide invaluable personnal development opportunities for the current and future leaders of our Fire and Rescue Service.

  • CFOA individual members are entitled to vote at the AGM and are eligible to stand for election to national office, givng you the opportunity to lead, influence and shape change in your profession
  • Be part of the only professional network for senior managers within the UK FRS
  • Secure your personal connection to the professional network of the UK FRS to engage in topical debate and discussion through attendance at member conferences, seminars and regional meetings
  • Have access to invaluable leadership opportunities which will support your career progression. 
  • Receive regular updates on strategic, technical and topical developments
  • Have access to online communities where you can exchange ideas, theories and opinion