Community Risk Programme - Competencies Project Board Members

In support of its overall objectives the NFCC Community Risk Programme has approved the commencement of the CRP Competencies project. The project will focus on developing the competency requirements linked to effectively leading, managing and implementing CRMP processes at both strategic and risk planning levels.

We are seeking board members to support the Project Executive and Project Manager. As a board member you will be expected to;

  • Provide guidance and direction to ensure the project remains aligned to its strategic aims, objectives, and governance standards.
  • Support overall decision making and scrutiny of project direction, governance, risk management, and financial control.
  • Develop and provide feedback on the products delivered by the project.
  • Act as an advocate for the project within your own and other FRS’s.
  • Advise and approve at key decision points the viability of the project and its capability to deliver the expected benefits, and
  • Be a source of communication and advice for external stakeholders and suppliers.

There are no specific minimum role, grade, or rank requirements for project board members. However, ideally you will have a broad range of experience that will enable you to;

  • Understand the strategic impact and influence the project will have on the sector and be able to articulate this to the project team and wider within the sector.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of leading, managing, implementing and/or developing CRMP processes, and
  • Be able to develop and/or contribute to learning and development frameworks.

This is a voluntary role, any travel expenses will be covered by the Programme. The commitment to support the project is expected to be no more than one day per month. However, this may increase during periods of heightened activity as the project reaches its key delivery stages.

If you are interested in becoming a board member please email Kev Eaves ( with a brief description of your current role and previous experience relevant to the objective and purpose of the project.

The deadline for submissions is the 5th August 2021.

If you would like an informal discussion regarding becoming a board member please contact Kev Eaves on 07973810891.