End-Point Assessment Partnership



In an exciting development, NFCC is now partnering with Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service to deliver a newly enhanced end-point assessment service for fire and rescue services.

Under the EPA Partnership, Cornwall FRS will continue to offer end-point assessments for the operational firefighter apprenticeship and retain their registration with the Education and Skills Funding Agency. The Partnership offers a new opportunity to grow the current provision and supply services to all fire and rescue services who wish to carry out end-point assessment.

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As part of our partnership arrangements, NFCC will be working with Cornwall FRS to develop end-point assessments for other fire-specific apprenticeships including, business fire safety advisor, community safety advisor, fire safety inspector and emergency service contact handling.

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Why do we need an EPA Partnership?


Approximately 3,000 staff are expected to be on fire specific apprenticeships, with around one third looking for end-point assessment in the next 12 months. The EPA Partnership can help fire and rescue services to meet their own end-point assessment needs. 

If you are looking for an apprenticeships end-point assessment provider, please contact Jimmy Clitheroe.

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