Fire investigation - Competency Framework (informal consultation)

The competency framework document for Fire Investigation was first published in May 2018.  It is directed towards public sector fire investigation practitioners who undertake fire scene examinations and the reporting of their subsequent findings within the UK justice systems of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and their contribution towards reducing the public risk from fire.

The competency framework document for Fire Investigation aims to support Fire and Rescue Service organisations with a structured approach to the induction, training, qualification and maintenance of competence required to support fire investigations within the FRS.

It is also envisaged that this document will assist in meeting some of the requirements of ISO 17020 and the Forensic Science Regulators code of practice and conduct. 

The proposed revised document and the original document are provided to assist Fire and Rescue Service staff provide responses to this informal consultation. 

NFCC FI competency framework - VERSION 1

 NFCC FI competency framework - SECOND EDITION

 This informal consultation survey closed at midnight on the 30th November 2020.