Fit for the Future


Fit for the Future is an initiative developed in partnership between the National Employers (England) (NE (England), the Local Government Association (LGA) and the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) referred to as the “partners" in this context. It is proposed that Fit for the Future will set out an evidence-based picture of the future role of the fire and rescue service.

The current version of Fit for the Future proposes 11 areas of improvement that span the breadth of fire and rescue service business, from risk planning, prevention and protection, through to recruitment and retention of staff, developing an inclusive fire service culture and how services work with others to improve safety in communities.

In developing the work so far, the partners agree that having a clear joint picture of the future role of the fire and rescue service also has further benefits, including:

  • Bringing clarity to the benefits and value that fire and rescue services bring to their communities, and that this is presented as a basis for funding including in government spending reviews.
  • Aligning and delivering improvement and reform to provide further value from the service to the public.
  • Making a substantial contribution towards assisting the Home Office in meeting the HMICFRS expectation in the State of Fire Report in early 2020, which was confirmed in the 2021 report that the role of the service, and those that work within it should be properly defined.

A consultation process ran during the latter part of 2020 which contributed to the work so far. Analysis has been done on the consultation responses and both an executive summary and a full consultation report are now available to download below. Following feedback, the partners are committed to moving this work forward to ensure a fire and rescue service that is Fit for the Future.

Fit for the Future Consultation - Full Report    Fit for the Future - Executive Summary