Keeping you safe from fire, while you stay safe at home

Right now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are people who are unable to leave their homes because they are in isolation or shielding.  Many of these people will fall into the vulnerable from fire category. The National Fire Chiefs Council have a role to play in keeping these people safe from fire, and we will work with fire and rescue services to continue to do our utmost keep these people safe in their homes, even when we are unable to do so face to face.

NFCC Home Safety Committee in collaboration with the Home Office Fire Kills campaign team have created two resources for people that may not be able or want to access information via social media or the internet.

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The leaflet and double-sided flyer have been issued to fire and rescue services who are able to add contact information so those people need extra help and advice on home fire safety can get in touch with their local fire and rescue service.

Additionally, Primary Authority Partnership leads have been contacted in the hope they may be able to help share this information more broadly through our larger supermarket chains.

The resources can also be shared further through fire and rescue service networks of Social Landlords, Housing Providers and other partners who will doubtless want to assist. In this instance a they may wish to put their own number on the leaflet as first line contact before a referral is made to a local fire and rescue service.

The design work has been made available to all fire service communications teams via NFCC Firepro Workplace. It’s really important that the document is edited to update your service contact details before you issue and also seek the expertise of your communications teams for how this information might be shared.

Your help in keeping our most vulnerable community members safe from fire at this time is appreciated. NFCC would be grateful if you could let us know any successes you have achieved with the resources and of course get in touch if you have questions or need advice on

NFCC Fire Kills leaflet  NFCC Fire Kills Double sided flyer NFCC Fire Kills Double sided flyer no footer


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