NFCC supports exemptions for officers, firefighters & control staff as daily contact testing rolled out to FRS

Further targeted daily contact testing is being rolled out in England to frontline emergency services and some transport workers, following the government’s close engagement with these sectors in order to avoid any potential disruption to crucial services.

Following clinical trial results, daily contact testing will be rolled out to further critical workplaces in England so that contacts who would otherwise be self-isolating can instead take daily tests, with an expected initial additional 200 testing sites.

NFCC supports exemptions for officers, firefighters & control staff to protect our response to life-risk incidents, with safeguards in place.

It shows government recognises the work & national criticality of FRS supporting communities each and every day.

Delivering daily contact testing to these critical workplaces builds on pioneering work by NHS Test and Trace and Public Health England which puts the UK at the vanguard of scientific research.

New testing sites will be allocated for frontline police and fire services to ensure critical staff can continue their vital work.

Full government statement


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