Latest update from our National Resilience team fighting wildfires in Greece

The National Resilience team has now mobilised in Arcadia, in the central Peloponnese area, to assist with the wildfires.

The area the team is working in is is a group of small villages, which had been cut off. The BBC also filmed with the team, while they undertook a full area assessment. This was done by the wildfire tactical advisor, along with an aerial assessment using drones.

Work underway includes:
  • Protection of Village of Arcadia villagers and properties
  • Black line and create fire break area away from potential fire-fronts
  • Damping down from local fire appliance with crew
  • Road clearance for access for fire vehicles, escape and evacuation routes
 BBC News films with our National Resilience Team

There have been reports of storms and a change in the wind direction, which will have feed the fire front.

The team is continuing with the removal of trees and creating fire breaks - and clearing roads to ensure access for fire vehicles, escape and evacuation routes.

Chainsaws are also being used to create clean fire break areas, which helps prevent the movement of embers.

Site conditions, weather, wind and the fire-front are all taken in account before work begins to help plan operational and tactical plans, along with full risk assessments

Teams are operating on a rotation to safeguard against heat and exhaustion.



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