New NFCC Chair sets out his vision

The new Chair of the National Fire Chief's Council set out his vision during his inaugural speech at last week's Spring Conference.

Roy Wilsher spoke to the conference about his personal ambitions were for the NFCC, what success would look like, how the NFCC would work and looked to the future.

He made it clear the NFCC was a UK-wide organisation and commented how pleased he was to see representatives from all four nations of the United Kingdom attending the conference, and thanked their representatives for providing an insight into their thoughts and policy perspectives for Fire and Rescue across the UK.

 Looking to the future, he commented: "This is a time of great change in Fire and Rescue with the new Policing and Crime Act, lead Authority for Resilience, calls for workforce Reform, the NFCC itself. National Fire Chiefs Council is so much more than just a name change. For the first time we will have a full time Chair elected with the mandate to represent and talk on behalf of the Fire and Rescue Service at a national and international level following debate and agreement in Council."

He continued: "Another significant change will be the way we do business, CFOA was the professional voice of the Fire Service, it led the way on many issues and working with partners achieved some great things; Safe and Well visits, Fire as a Health Asset, Fire Professional Framework, joint Procurement, Research and Development, National Operational Guidance, and JESIP to name but a few. National Fire Chiefs Council will have an annual plan supported by committee plans and linked together by programme and project management based on and aligned to the National Operational Guidance Programme.

" It will be on the delivery of this plan along with the way I represent NFCC and work with stakeholders across the sector and beyond that I will be judged. Although NFCC is where collective decisions will be made it is not just about the Chiefs and senior professionals that attend National Fire Chiefs Council, the rest of the membership, the regions and working groups are really important."

I want the NFCC to be the professional leaders who are the 'go-to' organisation for advice on professional and technical matters, with identified subject matter experts

NFCC Chair, Roy Wilsher

The new Chair finished by saying: "I believe we are in a really good pace to be bold and ambitious, to move forward together, to support each other, to work with stakeholders and show the worth of Fire and Rescue as we balance prevention, protection and response. I truly believe we have a great future together."


Full Spring Conference Speech 

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