Spring Conference underway - working together is key

Speakers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have all given an overview of fire and rescue services in their respective countries.

This also included an indepth look at the challenges and opportunities they have faced when looking at fire reform.

This was the first session at CFOA's Spring Conference, ahead of the NFCC launching on April 1st. Key themes over the two days include working together, the inspectorate, standards and vision for the future.

Dave Etheridge,  CFOA's outgoing President opened the session, giving information about the changes to CFOA and the launch of the NFCC on April 1st.

He also payed tribute to all emergency service staff who assisted in last week's terror attack in Westminster, as well as talking about fire reform,  the opportunities this gives the sector and how the NFCC will help to drive this.

Roy Wilsher who takes over as Chair of the NFCC on April 1st, chaired the session and introduced representatives from the National Assembly for Wales, the Scottish Government and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

All gave background to their respective fire and rescue services and it was clear that the challenges faced have a lot of synergies. The NFCC has made it clear it is a UK-wide organisation and will represent all UK services.


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