Latest update from our People Programme - Direct Entry Project Board

NFCC's People Programme held its first Direct Entry Project Board last month. CFO Dawn Whittaker and CFO Rod Hammerton - as joint Project Executives - are now joined by a group of dedicated board members.

The People Programme is delighted to share its latest update with you.  

It includes the programme's next steps and some key purposes/aims of the project.

The programme will be centrally coordinated and supported at a national but it is recognised that parts will be being better delivered at a regional and local levels . This enables the scheme to be overseen nationally, providing standardisation, quality assurance and consistency, while retaining the flexibility to match local needs and differences. All of which will be required for sustainable success.

A scheme to provide a framework to support a direct entrance at SM and AM levels to undertake operational roles that align with the existing rolemaps.

Designed to:
  • Be both additional and complementary to existing progression routes
  • Give an attractive proposition to a broader range of candidates who might not have normally seen the FRS as a prospective career
  • Increase the diversity of different experienced external leaders
  • Provide a robust recruitment process with rigorous exit points, ensuring we take on the best.

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