NFCC launches its new project - Supervisory Leadership Development Programme.

NFCC is delighted to announce the  launch of its project: Supervisory Leadership Development Programme (SLDP).

The programme was commissioned through the NFCC Leadership project, alongside several other initiatives to support the development of leaders within the sector. It will be led by the Project Executive: CFO Chris Blacksell (Humberside FRS).

This will be the start of a 15-month project which will see the design and development of the programme ready for July 2022.

This is an exciting time to introduce a national Supervisory Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) as the fire sector continues its journey on transformational change.

The SLDP aims to produce leadership pathways through standardised development programmes to prepare staff and nurture existing leaders at the first level of management within FRSs. It targets all staff (non-operational and operational roles) who have a role supervising staff

The overall purpose of a national SLDP is to achieve consistent development of our first line leaders across FRSs, measured against the NFCC Leadership framework and Core Learning Pathway. It aims to create leaders who are people-focused and more empowering and encouraging to those that they lead through a leadership style that is collaborative and inclusive.

Currently, SLDP is approached very differently in each FRS with varying rates of success, with some great examples of best practice. The criteria required to access first-line management development opportunities also differs across the fire sector with some Service's only offering limited development pathways.

The project aims to develop a Supervisory Leadership Development programme that will be centrally coordinated and supported at a national level, even if delivered at a regional and local level. This enables the programme to be overseen nationally for the sector and provide consistency which is essential for sustainable success. 

Having a national SLDP provides a level of consistency across the fire sector whilst still enabling Services to add more local training if required.

The benefits of delivery this project include:
  • Opportunity for a nationally recognised standard at supervisory manager level
  • The credibility of a national programme
  • Consistent delivery of training and development
  • National Leadership Portal provides an opportunity for learning materials to be available in different formats and accessible for all
  • A consistent national qualification which will enable staff to transfer between FRSs
  • Enables services to maximise efficiencies through the Apprenticeship Levy.

We want to ensure we engage and involve the wider fire sector along on our journey. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact Jane Cork, NFCC Project Manager.

Are you interested in becoming a SLDP Project Board Member?

Do you have a passion and drive to and help shape this project at a strategic level? We are looking for a number of project board members (voluntary) who are operational/ non-operational senior managers within the fire service. Your role will be to steer the direction and decisions made of the project and take responsibility for a work package within the project. You will be supported by our OD/HR Business Partners and working group members.

If you are interested, please send your expression of interest to Jane Cork by 5 May 2021 in preparation for the inaugural board meeting proposed at the end of the month.

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