Death in the workplace

Death in the Workplace Guidance

Firefighter fatalities are hugely tragic events and during the time after a fatality there is a massive amount for a service to think about and manage, so with this in mind Hertfordshire developed a guidance document after Harrow Court in 2005. That document was then used, developed and improved by other services such as East Sussex and most recently updated by Hampshire.

Services should also read the HSE’s Work Related Death Protocol, to which CFOA are already a signatory, which clarifies interaction processes should a death occur in premises where the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order applies. An addendum to the protocol, which purely deals with firefighter fatalities, will be issued soon.

 Investigative Guidance: Guidance for the investigation of firefighter fatalities arising from work activities

This guidance note has been produced to assist those tasked with investigating the deaths of fire and rescue personnel whilst at work. It is intended to be read in conjunction with the following documents:

Death in the Workplace: Toolkit for fire and rescue service communication teams

This document provides guidance and useful resources for Fire and Rescue Service communications professionals responding to a death in the workplace.