preventing fire, protecting well-being

preventing fire, protecting well-being

For more than ten years, fire and rescue services have been carrying out interventions in people’s homes to reduce their risk from fire and to provide advice on actions to take in the event of fire.

Although other factors have no doubt also been involved, this approach has resulted in a reduction of risk and dramatic drop in demand for fire and rescue services, and consequent reductions in the number of deaths and injuries from accidental fires in the home.

From this successful fire prevention approach the concept of a ‘Safe and Well’ visit has evolved. It is envisaged that, through their interactions with people in their homes, and with the necessary additional awareness training, firefighters will be able to identify and act upon a significantly wider range of risks.  Not only fire risks, but those that predispose people to a number of health issues that can significantly reduce life expectancy and/or quality of life.

Please see the Safe and Well Principles. 


The following resources have been provided by FRS for other services to download and use to assist with Safe and Well visits. Please note, these were updated July-October 2016. 

The following resources have been provided thanks to FRSs and their partners working to promote preventing fire, protecting well-being. Please note, these were updated July-October 2016.